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Los Navarro’s

I grew up in the valley in a Mexican family restaurant setting. My Nana Bertha was the rock not only for the restaurant but for our family. She was always in the kitchen from sun up to sun down. Her beautiful spirit lives in her offspring.

Along my life's journey I've picked up the love for Soul Food. These foods …

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Range Of Desserts

No matter if you’re a homemaker, a youngster, a busy executive, or just someone with a sweet tooth, I am sure I have a dessert for you. I offer a huge range of desserts to all of my passionate customers. Drop by and I am sure you’ll be amazed at the wide variety of cakes and other desserts that I make. Planning to …

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Range Of Mexican Dishes

I know that some people don't eat meat, but don’t worry – some of the best Mexican dishes are vegetarian-friendly. I never like to leave anyone out. Like I said, I grew up in a Mexican family restaurant. My grandmother cooked out of her home and she worked wonders in the kitchen. Let me do the same for you.


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Adam Tinney

We ordered the Mac and cheese with pulled pork sandwiches and fries. Let me tell you I am from Oklahoma and lived in Louisiana and texas …

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5 Reviews

Definitely worth a try!! She's been my go to dessert person whenever I am craving something sweet. If you're looking for something yummy and not expensive,... Read more

Aug 6, 2020
Karen Salas

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